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    Our unique content dares to zoom in on the VERY VERY PRIVATE parts of HUNDREDS of amateurs. If you watch xxx videos, you will quickly see that an overwhelming majority of that video focuses on the male star & his genitalia... Is that really what you tuned in for? We show ONLY women... Never any man parts. You will see women with play with their pussies in ways that will leave you awe-struck! Clit play, dildo play & even pussy pumping!


There are THOUSANDS of XXX sites that will have Boy-Girl, Girl-Girl and Girl-GIrl-Boy action... But always sadly lacking are still photos & HD (High Definition) Videos that focus only on the girls! Our focus is always to show in an up close and personal way what the great variety of amateurs and a few porn stars look like. Teasing, pulling, stretching, wiggling and insertions are our normal fare. Dildo play and a few vacuum pussy pumping scenes add to our variety. You may have seen a pussy ooze cum from a XXX scene... But wonder turns to amazement when several of our amateurs drip white girl cum just by playing with themselves or with a glass dildo. We thought that there was great variety in nipples and boobs when we started JustNips.com but we found even more variety in the way of pussy parts, lips, clits and more. Slow motion pussy flexing is another extreme example you won't see in any XXX clip or video... Everything we do is 100% REAL. If the model moans and groans we try to capture that... No doubt you could spot the "FAKE" orgasms from miles away!






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