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    At PussyBlue.com you'll find smooth, shaved, hairy,
    pierced, big inner lips dangling in the breeze, or neatly
    tucked away by outer lips acting like a protective clam-
    shell. You will even discover the delicate colors of inner
    and outer lips. Look at the color and texture of the pussy.
    When you look more closely you may even notice inner pussy
    lips that are joined to the clit itself... Our biggest clit is as big
    as your thumb... The smallest barely visible!

    Every time one of our lovelies drops her undies one could
    be in for a surprise. Just inner lip and outer lip variations
    boggle the mind. Inner lips so long that the outer lips are
    irrelevant. Our outer lips so puffy that they completely
    overshadow any inner lips. How inner lips are shaped and
    textured... Clit sizes from pinheads to the size of a thumb.
    You simply can not guess to you will see when the clothing
    is stripped away...


    Our content is updated continually from sessions we've
    had from sister sites JustNips and PregnantUSA.
    It's simply more focused on this very centrally located
    erotic female area. We are always on the lookout for
    new Amateurs & open to submissions from newbies.
    97% or more of our sessions are from NERVOUS first
    timers and content is exclusive and never resold to
    other sites.

    Finding women to pose isn't easy. Try just finding a woman willing to pose 100% naked. Then imagine what kind of
    lines would you use to get her to drop all of her clothes
    and show us her body from head to toe. As soon as we
    get another willing poser, we get ready for another
    session in our studio & try to get the results
    up on our website ASAP.

    Want to pose for us? Drop us a line
    through the Contact Us link. We've
    fulfilled many Girlish Fantasies
    and put smiles on their friends,
    lovers and husbands faces.
    It is really a process that
    builds self-esteem. Many of
    our sessions have been life-
    changing experiences. It's a
    liberating process to show off
    and feel good about it...

We get down to the nitty gritty of looking at pussies without having MEN get in the way. We spread them, pull on the lips, wiggle the clit, make the pubic mound wiggle like jello and often do scenes in slow motion to show what the naked eye does not see at regular speed. We have pumped pussy to get them engorged and so fat that you think it's ALIEN! We try to get them to squirt whenever we can. Oozing goo is quite common when playing with our glass dildos. Yuki Mori is by far our most prolific performer... Everything we do is 100% REAL! We do not stage phony oozing or squirting, and the same goes for any orgasm our Amateurs may have will playing with themselves. Everyone has a favorite kind of pussy. This site will expand your horizons & allow you to see what you cannot even imagine to exist... You may notice that our girls are all smiles & giggles! That is something that just happens naturally as they are showing off and having a great time! As you look over our hundreds of posted amateurs you will think... "What will they come up with next?" Well even we don't know that... And that's the real fun of this amazing eye-opening site. Just tell your wife, GF, fiancé or lover that you are learning about pussies to be able to better please HER! A lot to see... A lot to enjoy... Come join us now...





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